KBM Group teams are active in over 20 countries and serve their cline in 114 countries.

KBM Group

KBM Group is a global leader in marketing solutions based on data knowledge. As experts in working with data, we help our clients achieve higher returns on marketing investments.

KBMG is part of the worldwide WPP group. Its teams operated in over 20 countries and service clients in 114 countries.

According to information provided by Forrester, KBMG is among the top 3 strongest players on the Database Marketing Services market. And it is the only one offering its services on the European market.

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Michal Smejkal Michal Smejkal

Director of Interne Betting

To a large extent, the unique ability of KBMG is the interconnection of online data of people’s Internet activity and actual transaction data. Because the tipsport.cz website has hundreds of thousands of visitors monthly, it is important for us to measure individual paths leading to the fulfillment of our business targets on the website. The information we obtain is used as a guideline for decision making regarding which sections of the site we should optimize so as to increase their sales productivity as much as possible. This service is beneficial for us because we would not be able to obtain this information ourselves.

In a study by the global consulting firm Forrester, KBMG placed among the top 3 companies in the area of Database Marketing services. Further, it is the only one also providing its services on the European market.

  • "KBM Group delivers strong capabilities across the array of database, analytics, data, strategy & operations."
  • "KBM Group had the highest percentage of clients responding that they are extremely satisfied with the strategic contribution they make to our business."
  • KBMG scored highest among all service providers on overall strategy, the strength of its management team, and the company’s global strategy.
Pavla Tomsová Pavla Tomsová

Marketing Manager

We have been using WLIP in entire region of Central and Eastern Europe for over a year. Every week we monitor what people are saying about Nokia and its competitors. WLIP brings us valuable know-how and insights, for example, for launching a new product on the market. WLIP has also helped us to identify the people talking about us the most and we then work further with these opinion leaders. We also use the outputs of our tools to evaluate the success of our advertising campaigns and PR activities.

Tomáš Vacek Tomáš Vacek

Business Development Manager

We assigned KBMG with a full performance audit of the nev-dama.cz. website. The audit included identification of key traffic areas of the website and subsequent optimization of the paths leading to the sale of holiday packages. A key element for success is optimization based on detailed analysis of the data obtained from analytics, which KBMG provides 100%. The second pillar is maximizing site traffic, where we are intensively working on SEO optimization for the Czech as well as the Polish website.