KBM Group teams are active in over 20 countries and serve their cline in 114 countries.

What we offer


Database Marketing Services

Database Management

Customer data management solution, which acts as a unified storage location and enables performance of fast and efficient data selection.

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Data Care

Don’t waste money by unnecessarily spending on direct communication. KDC will enable you to get the maximum from your B2C or B2B database.

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Improve your existing sales plans thanks to new information. KGM provides a new information dimension on your customers.

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Insight Finder

Get to know the real behaviors of your customers and maximize their value using relevant communication based on the insights obtained.

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Propensity Model

Increase the efficiency of your direct campaigns by addressing only those with a high probability of purchase of your product or service.

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Use your resources to efficiently retain customers. KAM helps to correctly identify at-risk customers and commence targeted, above-standard care for them specifically.

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Campaign Management

Ensure the maximum possible efficiency of all direct communication channels by measuring the effect of every campaign and learning from it.

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Web Analytics & Optimization

Web Analytics

Correct analytics settings will help you understand your website in detail and to measure all of your targets with precision.

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Web Optimization

Optimization of website or campaign content to maximize targets.

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Web Monetization

Assessment of the value of individual pages on your website. This enables you to concentrate only on those sections of your website that will bring the greatest ROI.

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Search Engine Optimization vám zajistí nejlevnější návštěvy na webu a navýšení prodejů.

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Web Monitoring


Web Listening Platform will enable you to find out everything in regards to how your brand or your competitors are perceived in the Internet environment.

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we offer an entire line of analytical products capable of processing data from the Web Listening Platform and thereby obtain valuable marketing insights and know-how.

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