Web Monitoring

Web Listening Platform (WLIP) is a tool that will simply enable you to learn about how your brand or product is perceived in the Internet environment and on social networks. You can find out how you are doing in comparison with your competition. Thanks to WLIP you can monitor what is going on anywhere on the Internet concerning your company.

We have also developed an entire line of analytic products that are able to process hundreds of thousands of pieces of data from WLIP and other tools and thereby obtain very valuable insights and know-how for further marketing use.


Web Listening Platform (WLIP) is able to:

Search and display conversations of your existing and potential customers

Find out what customers value on your products and services, what turns them away and what they would like to change

Reveal what customers think about your competition

Evaluate the campaign in progress and determine whether it is correctly associated with your brand

Notice changing needs of your customers

Find opinion leaders and a influencers that are necessary to work with

Find out how a positive or negative mood develops in discussions over time